Colloquium - HVDC and Power Electronics:
Enhancing the Transmission Networks
Brisbane Australia
19-21 October 2011

Study Committee B4 and Working Group Meetings
Melbourne Australia

15-18 October 2011

Organised by the CIGRE Study Committee B4, HVDC and Power Electronics, CIGRE Australian National Committee.






Introducing the 2011 Brisbane Colloquium

Australia, New Zealand and the South East Asian region have been pioneering the adaptation of HVDC and power electronics since 1965. Home to numerous HVDC links and power electronics-based transmission control devices, the region is also applying these technologies to harvest energy from renewable resources, and transmission to geographically dispersed load centres.

The CIGRE HVDC and Power Electronics (B4) study committee is meeting in Australia in 2011, and in conjunction with this meeting is organising a colloquium in Brisbane, Australia.

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Scope and call for papers

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Tutorial program

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Technical program

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An introduction to HVDC and Power Electronics projects
(Australia and New Zealand)

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Australia and New Zealand

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Scenic Milford SoundTakahanga MaraeSurfer at Mangamaunu

2011 CIGRE Study Committee B4 and Working Group meetings
Melbourne Australia
15-18 October 2011
Saturday 15th-16th Working group meetings (Melbourne Convention Centre)
Monday 17th Study Committee meeting (Melbourne Convention Centre)
Tuesday 18th Technical visit to the Loy Yang Converter Station

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Important Dates

The organizing committee invites authors to prepare and submit their synopses, papers and presentations for the colloquium as per the following schedule:

Submission of synopses 15 January 2011
Authors informed of synopsis acceptance

15 February 2011

Submission of papers 15 June 2011
Submission of presentations  15 August 2011

The synopses, papers and presentations must be sent electronically to: